My Favourite Swanny'isims
The World According to Swanny
"We are on the titanic, we can see the Iceberg Coming, and we are all arranging furniture"
"No amount of planning can make up for Dumb Luck"
"If ignorance is Bliss, some people here are Ecstatic" - Possibly not Swanny in origin
"If not for incompetence, these people would have not competence at all"
"Give a man a watch, and he knows what time it is, give him two, and he is never sure "
"There is nothing worse than Pushy Data"
"My train of thought just came uncoupled"
"What is a couple of bits between friends”?
"If you're going to burn, loot, and pillage, you've got to get the order right."
"Sure Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was sacked in one night"
"So if you get billed 5 Pazuzzas"
"I am glad the hole is not in our end of the boat"
"Standards are great, everybody has one"
"Some times things are moving so fast we're in danger of being rear-ended by a glacier."
"Some people around here think that Hex, is something you see on Amish Barns"
"There are some people who if they look under the hood are only going to get their hair dirty"
"It doesn’t matter if you have a Mongolian hoard, if they are not intelligent, all they are going to do is overrun the place"
"I want to hear Yeah Verily that this will work"
"My memory is perfect, it’s my recall that’s flawed"
"My computer has Dual Exhausts"
"You see that straw up there, you think I can reach it?"
"This is not reason, this is policy"
"Lets make sure that there is nothing left over from back when we were in 'The Great Cave'"
"Sounds like a Massachusetts Democrat, giving the same thing away twice"
"Someone needs to help him out, anyone see which way he came in?"
"If BMWs are such great cards, how come none of them have working turn signals?"
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Other Quality Quotes
"Eagles may Soar, but Weasels dont get sucked into Jet Engines"
"If we are number one, number three must be bumping into furniture" - Jeff Hawkins
"Am I that much of a genius, or is everyone else a Moron" - Ron Lovato
"Dude I like being short" - Ron Lovato ( well he never said it, but he should )
"There is no I in team, but there is a ME, ohhh and eat me" - Bill Mc Garvey
"Genius, There is no off switch for" - Brian Irwin
"Hard on Machinery Yerman" - Dan Kianka
"Hard on Girlfriends too" - Danielle Verling
"I have maxed out on my career path" - Darby Szalay
"Watch out Little Lady, Jimmy's gonna run the red light" - Daniel Kianka
"The Truth is the Anti-primadona" - Jeff Hawkins
"The Fertilizer is about to hit the Ventilator" - Bob Collier
"White wine is for cooking only - Gavin Gormley"
"If you wont drink it, dont cook in it, See Rule 1 - Gavin Gormley"